Happy Hearts Fund Takes a Look at Perpetue’s Amazing Journey

Perpetue, age 11, is an articulate, energetic, and resourceful fifth grader. She lives in Zoranje with her uncle and loves to spend time with her aunt, who is like a mother to her. Perpetue misses her mother who now lives in the US. She wakes up every morning at 6:30 am, prays, takes a shower, and walks to her aunt’s house to eat breakfast and to get her hair combed. She is never late for the 8am flag raising ceremony.

Perpetue describes her prior school experience as very traumatic. She was unable to read or even write her name and struggled to understand any subject matter. She thought that she was not smart and would amount to nothing in life. Ecole Nouvelle Zoranje had an amazing impact on her self-confidence and the school, she says, changed her life exponentially. She can now read and write, understands what is going on in the classroom, and consistently scores in the top 90th percentile on her exams.

Perpetue says that she is eager to learn and is thrilled that the school offers its students the resources and support they need to be successful. She participates actively in the extracurricular activities and is grateful for so many opportunities. She hopes that the school will offer English classes and dreams that by the time she graduates from middle school, ENZ will have its own high school. In the future, Perpetue would like to become a doctor. She’s unsure about her specialization for now but hopes to help people in need.

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