Take a Look at a Story of Joy at The La Providence school in Haiti

On October 15th, 2015 we celebrated the grand opening of our 120th school and had a chance to spend some time with a mother of a student at the La Providence School.

Regine Belle Therese Clemente is a mother of two who is originally from Gonaive, Haiti but currently resides in Christoi. Both of her children are school age however only her daughter attends La Providence School.

When speaking with Regine she shared her daughters’ love for medicine and dance. Her daughter hopes to one day become a surgeon and help people all around the world.


Regine wanted to not only thank HHF as well as IDB (Inter-American Development Bank) for the contribution of this amazing school that is truly changing the life of her daughter and many other young Haitian girls.  This school will benefit 410 students. These children have waited for 5 and 1/2 years for their new safe, resilient school since that tragic day in January of 2010 where the devastating earthquake shook Haiti and took over 300,000 lives.


Regine attended the meaningful opening ceremony which was filled with so much love and was able to share this special moment with local community members, teachers, other parents and friends’ of her daughter.


At the end of such a joyful day filled with promises of a better future we had another chance to speak with Regine. She was overcome with appreciation that one day her daughter may be able to live her dream. It’s because of people like Regine and her daughter, that keep us continuing to strive to shorten the gap between natural disasters and when students can return to striving for excellence at school.