Start A Fundraiser

Here are a few examples of what you can do to help support Happy Hearts Fund through fundraising. Be creative, whatever your interests  there is always a way to get involved and have fun while bringing hope to children around the world!

Participate in a local marathon like Tara, Kathleen, Amy and Sophie.

Together they raised over $10,000 for Happy Hearts Fund by running the 2016 NYC Half Marathon.

Challenge yourself like our friend Claudio who completed a marathon at the North Pole on April 9th 2014 to raise awareness and funds for Happy Hearts Fund.

Put those baking skills to use like our friend Dara. Dara regularly organizes bake sales to support Happy Hearts Fund. What could be sweeter?

The Helping Hearts Council, a group of young professionals in NYC, organize a toy drive every year to bring the joy of Christmas to children who have been affected by natural disasters.

Birthdays can be a great time to share happiness with friends and loved ones. Share some joy with children around the world and ask your friends to donate to Happy Hearts Fund in your honor, in lieu of presents.

Who doesn’t love a good party? The next time you decide to host a gathering give your friends and family the chance to support Happy Hearts Fund. Share a laugh and catch up on old memories while bringing hope and opportunity to children around the world.


The Helping Hearts Council, a group of young professionals in NYC, organizes the annual “Sunset Cocktails for a Cause” to raise funds and awareness for Happy Hearts Fund.

Got an idea for a fundraiser? Let us know!

Together we can help you develop and execute your ideas. We can provide you with photos, videos and additional info to help you promote your event.