The word “sustainable” has become somewhat of a buzzword these days, and it can take on a variety of meanings. So, we’d like to make sure that everyone knows what we mean when we say that Happy Hearts Fund provides a sustainable response, and how it helps children and communities.


We always make sure that the communities we work with are proactive and willing to take ownership of the school during it’s construction — and especially once it’s complete.
We work with local partners and members of the community itself to identify schools that have been damaged or destroyed. Community members and leaders are actively involved in the planning process of rebuilding schools, whether it be through securing the land, helping to recycle door and window frames, painting the building, or helping to raise the land in flood-prone areas; the community is invested in the success of the school from the very beginning.

San Miguel Central School


Happy Hearts Fund schools are built to withstand the elements: We build them so that they meet regulations that would allow them to be emergency shelters in the event of a future natural disaster. In addition, some of the locales we assist experience severely hot weather. Using sustainable techniques such as painting the school’s exterior white can help to control the temperature indoors.



The longer a child stays out of school the more likely it is that they will not return. At this time, a child can become increasingly vulnerable to crime and desperation. Not only do Happy Schools help children get back on track with their education, but they also provide a safe place for them to address their needs and the emotions brought on by the loss of loved ones, homes, and general devastation of a natural disaster. An educated child has a better chance of helping to sustain a better community!

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