Why do we think it’s important to include computer labs in HHF-built schools around the world?

Well, first: the use of technology in the classroom can enhance learning. There’s a whole world of tools online that allow teachers to provide more skill-building knowledge than ever before.

Second, learning how to use a computer can provide even the youngest students with early knowledge of necessary job skills, from typing and basic research, to learning graphic design and HTML coding. In turn, these skills prepare students for better job opportunities, which is so important for areas hit by natural disasters, whose economies will continue to need help over the coming years.

And third, computer skills allow a child to become exposed to new ways of thinking, using both their creative and logical thought processes. Math, science, art, and other subjects can be incorporated into lesson plans in fun and interesting ways for children of all ages and learning capabilities.

If you didn’t know, we practice what we preach! We’re proud to connect children and communities to 21st-century technologies through many of the Happy Schools we’ve built and plan to build.

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We’ve been lucky enough to receive donations and funding from a wide network of supporters to build solar-powered computer labs with Internet access for children and communities around the world.

And it doesn’t take much: $1,000 = 6 computers connected to solar power.

Thanks to supporters like you, we’ve created 21 computer labs and hope to build many more!

A good education equips children with the skills necessary to find jobs and help advance their country’s economy.

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