HHF Brings Hope and Opportunity to Indonesia!

February was a month of fresh starts in Indonesia for Happy Hearts Fund! We opened 5 new schools in Bandung, Jakarta, and Serang bringing 420 students back to safe-resilient schools! Some of the US based Happy Hearts Fund team were able to meet with the Happy Hearts Fund Indonesia team to attend some of the opening ceremonies for these schools.



One of the schools we opened in February, Tk Al Furqon, is a great example of the gap period that affects communities that have been impacted by natural disasters. The Kindergarten was destroyed in 2009 by the Earthquake that struck West Java. Over 5 years later the school had not been rebuilt. Due to the fact that it is a Kindergarten and served a community in a very remote location, the school was not seen as a priority and the young children were forgotten.


TK Al Furqon



Despite not having a usable school building, the passionate and dedicated teachers of the school continued to hold classes for their students in their own home, waiting for someone to help fund the much needed building reconstruction. At the opening ceremony for the school last month the current principal of the school, Ms.Hinhin Hindayani, said, “My father initiated this school in 2002. We’ve inherited his vision to support the education needs of children. We thank the donors, Happy Hearts, and MUM for helping us keep hope alive for a better education.”


One 4 year old student, Sarah Saidah, summed up our vision for this school and the vision for Happy Hearts Fund at the opening by saying, “Thanks for the donors who made a pretty school for us. Now we can learn to read, write, sing, and play cheerfully.”



We’re so happy that we could help this incredible community. The colorful and playful building brings joy and happiness to the students’ learning experience. Thank you to all of the donors and supporters who continue to make our mission possible as well as our local partners at the MUM Foundation for their continued partnership.