HHF Teams up With JP Morgan for the #Code4Good Challenge

Happy Hearts Fund has been selected to be a part of JP Morgan’s technology program #Code4Good, a two-day digital coding event where technology students use their skills to solve real-world problems and develop technology solutions for NGO’s.

After arriving in Mumbai for the event, Petra and communications manager, Chelsea Burrell, entered the JP Morgan offices where they were able to see first hand the world-wide influence of technology. Over one thousand students applied to be a part of this 24-hour code-a-thon and only one hundred twenty students from Mumbai University were selected. Along with more than a hundred JP Morgan employee volunteers, the students converged to create solutions that would help us continue our mission to rebuild safe-resilient schools.


To kick-off the 24-hour event, Petra and a handful of JP Morgan senior leaders, spoke to the students about the importance of technology and how meaningful this weekend would be for HHF. Petra then went on to speak more in detail about four key challenges that Happy Hearts Fund faces when selecting and rebuilding schools. The students, in twenty teams of six, then chose one challenge to tackle and got straight to work coding.


After two solid hours of brainstorming the students were invited to attend individual challenge breakout sessions that allowed for an in depth Q&A segment. This time provided the students with a more detailed framework of what goes into the selection process and construction as well as the measuring of the impact of a newly built school.IMG_8710After a long day of development and brainstorming we took some time to walk around and really get to know some of the students that participated in the event. Chelsea found a team of all women coders, which in an industry that is completely male dominated, was refreshing to meet a number of ladies that enjoyed technology just as much as their male counterparts.

IMG_8488Upon arriving JP Morgan for the second day of the event, many of the students were putting the finishing touches on their concepts and practicing their presentations. Each team was required to present their solution as well as speak to the technology that was used.




At the end of two rounds of elimination and numerous amazing presentations, one team was deemed the winner. This team incorporated augmented reality into their solution along with very well thought out dashboard.


With the whirlwind event at a close we were able to meet with each and every student to thank them for all of their hard work. We also were able to spend time with the JP Morgan employee volunteers as well as the senior staff in Mumbai. We would like to express our gratitude for such an amazing experience. It is because of the generosity of JP Morgan, for planning and hosting this event, that we will be able to have a larger and even more global impact on education. It’s because of the creativity and compassion of these students, that we will have a technology solution that allows us to work smarter not harder in assisting children effected by natural disasters to return to schools faster. Thank you to everyone that participated in this weekend of coding for good.