HHF and All Hands Partner to Raise Funds at Cantor Fitzgerald’s 2015 Cantor Relief Charity Day

On September 11th, 2015, our founder, Petra had the honor of representing Happy Hearts Fund as well as All Hands Volunteers, a US based non-profit organization dedicated to empowering disaster relief volunteers around the world, at the 2015 Cantor Fitzgerald Charity Day, a day where 100% of Cantor Fitzgerald’s global revenues from trading are donated to dozens of charities around the world. The Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund, initially created to commemorate the 658 Cantor and 61 Eurobrokers employees who perished on September 11, 2001, has since broadened its mission to provide aid to victims of terrorism, natural disasters, emergencies, direct service charities and wounded members of the military.

As Petra entered the Cantor Fitzgerald’s mid-town east New York City office, the energy was electric. She was greeted by the founder and CEO of Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund, Edie Lutnick, who’s warm spirit set the blue carpet on fire. With such great energy the Charity Day got started on the right foot.

Petra and Edie EDIT

After some time on the blue carpet Petra went straight to the trading floor and took the traders by storm. Call after call, she spoke to clients wanting to place trades on a day where all commissions go to support dozens of charities around the world including Happy Hearts Fund.

Petra with trader EDIT

Petra was the star of the trading floor by placing one of the largest trades of the day at two billion dollars. Yes, you read that right, TWO billion dollars. As she walked around the room discussing with brokers and staff about Happy Hearts Fund’s mission, many were surprised to hear that it can take up to six years for some children to return to a safe and resilient school after a natural disaster.


After a couple of hours of hard work filled with love and smiles, none other than, Dr. Ruth greeted Petra with a huge hug. They shared a wonderful conversation about the impact that an event like Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund Charity Day would have on their respective charities and spoke of the change that can come from all of the hard work.

Petra and Dr.Ruth 2 EDIT

At the end of a very successful day at Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund Charity Day, Petra, Sara Hannafin from All Hands as well as CNBC news anchor, Mary Thompson, gathered to speak about what a day like September 11th means to them. Being able to raise awareness and funds for two organizations that work so hard to change the lives of children and adults affected by natural disasters made this day a huge success. We look forward to participating next year in the Cantor Fitzgerald Charity Day.

Petra, All Hands and CNBC EDIT