Empowering Students in Peru!


In early 2017, the north portion of Peru was devastated by an abnormal warming of Pacific waters called “Coastal El Niño,” which unleashed a deluge of water on coastal towns. The intense rains are the worst seen in two decades, triggering deadly landslides and mudflows.

These floods impacted over 863,000 people, damaging or destroying 2,300 schools and left over 285,000 children out of school.

Piura was the most affected area in Peru, with 15,780 people currently displaced and living in temporary camps, representing 50% of the nationwide total. More than 75,000 homes here were damaged, destroyed or rendered uninhabitable. In Piura, there are over 652 schools which were damaged or destroyed, representing 28% of the affected schools nationwide.

To address this, Happy Hearts is partnering with SURA-Peru and All Hands Volunteers to rebuild schools in the area of Piura. We will be building several schools in order to help these remote communities which have no other option for sending their children to school.

The first school is Puerta Pulache which will serve 150 primary school students. We can’t wait to show you the progress – follow our social media to see the transformation!

There is an urgent need to address the empowerment of adolescents living in poverty in rural areas, with apprenticeships for life in a gender equality environment.

To empower these girls, Artists for Peace and Justice and Happy Hearts Fund are collaborating to support secondary girls’ scholarships at our two secondary schools in Peru, built with our partner, SURA. Partnering with CARE-Peru for implementation, together we are working directly with the girls through a seven month program in extracurricular sessions, to strengthen their entrepreneurial skills, financial education and entrepreneurship with tools for development and practice.

Starting in June, now 34 girls are being trained on how to improve their entrepreneurial and financial capacities, and manage their future financial ventures. In addition, directors, teachers and parents will be trained to strengthen and monitor their management of financial enterprises.

Not only will these sessions train the girls, but it will empower them for the rest of their lives as well as the communities around them.