Balloons Fly At The José Emilio Pacheco Berny School Opening in Veracruz, Mexico

This month we celebrate our 118th school opening with the José Emilio Pacheco Berny Telesecondary School in Veracruz, Mexico, which was damaged by reoccurring flooding in the region.


In conjunction with Lexington Partners, who generously donated a significant financial contribution as part of a three-year ‘smartnership’ that helps rebuild schools in Latin America this partnership has contributed to the rebuilding as well as the relocation of the José Emilio Pacheco Berny School due to historical annual flooding in the region. Surá Mexico has also been an amazing partner on the ground contributing every step of the way to bring the vision to reality. With the assistance of the Mexican government, the Minister of Education in Veracruz, Surá Mexico as well as Lexington Partners, the relocated, and fully equipped building will be attended by 120 children.


Upon arrival at the school our team was greeted by smiles and gestures of gratitude. The students, their families and all of our partners gathered to celebrate a new educational chapter for generations to come. Many students created thank you cards and signs to show their appreciation. Petra was very touched by the generosity and creativity shown by the entire community.

Petra better photo

Our team then moved to a large tent that was constructed for the school opening ceremony where local dignitaries spoke about the impact of this schools’ opening. The mayor also spoke to the crowd and he vowed to continue to support our mission by donating the upcoming maintenance of the school. Then a handful of students of the José Emilio Pacheco Berny Schools spoke about the life changing experience it is to have a school that will not be damaged by the reoccurring flooding.


The crowd then moved to the entrance of the school grounds for the unveiling of the donor plaque and the releasing of balloons to signify the beginning of the new era for the students in Veracruz.



Petra kids and girl

We would like to thank Lexington Partners and SURA Mexico for their generosity as well as the enduring commitment to helping rebuild safe-resilient schools that have been damaged by natural disasters. We are so appreciative for these partnerships as they help to provide educational opportunities to students that might otherwise miss out on precious learning experiences.

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